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MCHS Seal Our Mission The Preservation, Promotion, and Documentation of the People and Historical Properties, Records, and Artifacts of Maury County, Tennessee

The Maury County Historical Society membership meeting will be held at Pigg Schoolhouse in Santa Fe on Sunday, March 16, beginning at 2pm.
Pigg Schoolhouse Pigg Schoolhouse

TN Flag Pigg Schoolhouse

October 12, 1857, Robert Whitaker sold to Daniel J. Pigg a tract of land on the Duck River. In this deed it allowed for a plot of land to be given to the School Commissers. This was the beginning of Pigg Schoolhouse, 1884. The School was discontinued in the1920s. Charlie Skillington purchased it, and it was used as a tenant house and a grainery. It was given to Charlie Pigg by John Robert Skillington in 2003, and it was moved from its location on Pigg Schoolhouse Road to Mingo Branch Road where it stands today. Questions may be directed to Charles Pigg, 4719 Mingo Brand Road, Sante Fe, TN, 38482. 931-682-2336 .

Pigg Schoolhouse

Santa Fe Tn

Pigg Schoolhouse Maury County Historical Society's
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