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The Maury County Historical Society’s membership is open to everyone who love Maury County and its rich history. Membership is encouraged regardless of residence.

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Attend Membership Meeting

Membership meetings are scheduled every other month at a historic site in Maury County. 


The Maury County Historical Society has so many ways to utilize its members diverse and unique gifts. All you have to do is volunteer....

  • Board Membership

  • Committee Membership

  • Offering your historic Residence for a Membership Meeting

  • Writing an article for Historic Maury

  • Transcribing Jill Garrett articles for future publication

  • Hospitality ~responsible for providing refreshments at Membership Meeting (reimbursement provided)

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The Maury County Historical Society is a not-for profit, member-based organization and all dues go to support the Society’s education and preservation programs, including grants awarded each year to historic sites in Maury County.

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