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Maury County, Tennessee, Cemeteries Vol.1 –Selected Cemeteries located within the city of Columbia and north of the Duck River with burial records through 1988 by Fred R. Hawkins. This volume started as a simple personal addition to the entries for certain cemeteries that are in They Passed This Way, the publication compiled and edited by Marise Lightfoot and Evelyn Shackelford in 1964. However, with encouragement, Fred R. Hawkins continued to research, compile, and edit his work into the two volumes we have today, a reference book full of information on many cemeteries in Maury County as well as genealogical and historical notes, community histories, death notices, and historical news articles. 

Volume 1 contains information on selected cemeteries in Rally Hill, Leftwich, Spring Hill, Bear Creek, Rock Springs, Theta, Carter’s Creek, Fly, Santa Fe, and Columbia, including Rose Hill Cemetery.

Maury County, Tennessee, Cemeteries Vol.1

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