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A History of Mount Pleasant, Especially, and the Western Part of Maury County, Generally, As He Remembers it by Col. Nathaniel Willis Jones, 1903 ©1989.  Born under a dark moon on June 22, 1820, and living 91 years, Col. Nat shares his memories of growing up in western Maury County, marrying Ann Magdalene Cooper at 20, and amassing a large family and small fortune before losing it all and moving to Louisville during the US Civil War. He returned to Maury County after the war to settled in Mt. Pleasant and re-enter the mule business as well as a new venture…. Phosphate mines. In this book, you’ll find many tales, memories, and recollections, many told with precise details and sincerity while others show Col. Nat’s jovial disposition and fondness for humor and exaggeration.  

A History of Mount Pleasant

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